starting a project….

Hallo there in blog-space land….we were recently excited to see a link to our heart pattern page from the yarn-of-all-yarn…. mothership page.

Really, none of us know what the future holds…I like to think of our little patch of yarn-art in Albuquerque as a evolving movement within the bigger world of YB’ing. It has actually been kind of slow in growth…mainly due to the members extreme other hobbies that have taken over our lives. Yarn bombing (or fiber crime syndicate as my SO refers to it) for me is a way to pepper my little world around me with a little love. We have all taken the “heart” pattern around with us in our travels… fact I am compiling a little photo essay for this blog.

flying high in the sky

Perhaps by next week I will have some more to post for you to check out.

In the meantime we have our nearly weekly yarn happy hour and have started a “tree”….

A slice of NM sun and a new "project"...